The Before

It was only a “meh” back yard.

[Japanese aralia in bloom]

My back yard is relatively small for a suburban back yard (approx. 31’ x 70’). The main criteria for selecting this particular yard was that it was pretty level and there were no large trees that needed to be removed. Click on each image to see it full-screen.

The backyard greenery was composed of weeds and not a blade of grass was in sight. By the time I got around to working on the garden, the weeds were tall enough to shake my hand and scatter seeds at the same time. I had to forcefully remove them and kill the fallen seeds by covering the ground with clear plastic for a few weeks. After removing the old patio and other hardscape, I was ready for construction.


To construct the new patio with its pavilion, I dug footings for the pavilion posts and framed the patio area. I had professional help for the pavilion, but all the rest is my own effort.   I added layers of gravel and sand before laying the cement pavers for the patio. A friend helped me wrestle the rock, sculpted by nature, into place.  These views are looking west.  Compare them with the “Looking West” view in the top gallery.


I dug the pond, added sand to the paths, and continued planting.

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