baseballsIt happened in the spring. I was taking a stroll through the garden and noticed a baseball lying below the honeysuckle.   Hmm, I thought. The honeysuckle is in the southwest corner so it didn’t come over the south or west fence. It had to come from the east or north. I picked up the baseball and continued my stroll. I found seven (!) more baseballs. Some were in places such that it was impossible for them to come from the east or north, but they could have come from the west or south. I can understand how someone could lose a baseball through an errant throw or hit. But would they keep throwing/hitting seven more? From different directions around my garden? Who has that many baseballs? Who has that many new baseballs? (They were all new.) No one has knocked on my door asking for lost baseballs. So now I am the proud owner of eight used-only-once baseballs. It certainly isn’t clear how they got into my garden. However, it did happen in the spring and, with the spheroids scattered among the shrubbery, it does fit the modus operandi of the Easter bunny. Now, I didn’t find any irrefutable evidence that there had been a large rabbit in my garden, but I’m just sayin’ …

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